Development Center

Benefit from growth and development opportunities for talented employees

  • Support the growth and development of your employees and organization
  • Give your employees a concrete goal to work towards
  • Increase motivation and efficiency throughout your organization
  • Keep your employees motivated and engaged
  • Improve the performance of individuals and teams
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Development Center: added value for employee and employer

Development is essential to keep employees happy and committed to their mission. The primary aim of a development center is often to highlight strengths and areas for improvement in selected skills, related to a current or future position.

For weevo, a development center is more than that…



 – It facilitates awareness and introspection: two essential starting points for any development;
 – It enables participants to experience new situations and responsibilities first-hand;
  – It initiates in-depth reflection on personal evolution and helps build a personal development plan;
 – It provides the opportunity to receive personalized advice and comparatively assess one’s own talents.



The result of the CD is real added value for participants entering a new position, embarking on internal mobility or simply wishing to obtain concrete advice to guide their development. On the employer’s side, CDs are often a way of rewarding participants or showing that they are investing in their development.

Here's how Weevo hr unlocks your organization's hidden potential

  • 1.Tailor-made work

    We work with a tailor-made approach to adapt the development center procedure to the context, whether it’s related to a new position, internal mobility or a request for concrete advice to guide the person’s development.

  • 2.Proven methodology

    Notre méthodologie IDP intègre à la fois les analyses situationnelles et les questionnaires psychométriques de manière à acquérir à la fois une connaissance approfondie de l’individu et à envisager sa plasticité et son potentiel d’évolution :

  • 3.Experiential process

    Through the development center exercises, participants have the opportunity to experiment with sometimes unprecedented situations, and receive constructive feedback in real time.

  • 4.Feedback and PDP

    During a feedback session, participants discover the results of their observations and receive personalized advice. Together with the employee, we can draw up an action-oriented personal development plan.

Participants’ testimonials


  1. “It was a refreshing and motivating session. The feedback and advice I received was very useful, even in the short term, with verifiable quick wins. The consultant assigned to me personally gave me structured, coherent and comprehensive feedback. I’m absolutely convinced that this time was well spent and will have a positive effect on my development”. 

    2. “I found that everything was well framed, that the atmosphere was genuinely benevolent, and that in the end we didn’t really feel “evaluated”, but rather put at ease”.





What comes after a Development Center?

A Development Center is the first step towards further development. Coaching, training and workshops are essential for accomplishing the entire journey.




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