Development Center

Benefit from growth and development opportunities for talented employees

  • Support the growth and development of your employees and organization
  • Give your employees a concrete goal to work towards
  • Increase motivation and efficiency throughout your organization
  • Keep your employees motivated and engaged
  • Improve the performance of individuals and teams
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Development Center: added value for employee and employer

  • The basis
    • A Development Center is the basis for a fruitful growth and/or reorientation
  • Goal alignment
    • Personal goals are aligned with organizational goals.
  • Specific advice
    • Each party receives specific, applicable advice.
  • Awaken talent
    • It awakens the talent within your organization and makes full use of it.
  • Sustainable employability
    • It is an investment in sustainable employability and binds employees to your organization.

How Weevo unlocks the hidden potential of your organization

  • 1.Specific development needs

    We compile the Development Center’s program in consultation with you and focus on the employee’s and/or organization’s specific development needs.

  • 2.Development potential

    Using a number of exercises, we map out the employee’s talents, learning style and development potential.

  • 3.Self-exploration

    We do not limit ourselves to visible competencies; we also stimulate self-exploration, bringing deeper drivers and ambitions to light, within a broader context.

  • 4.Well-established tools

    Using well-established tools, we make an accurate assessment of your employee’s full growth potential.

  • 5.Personal development plan

    Together with the employee, we draw up an action-oriented Personal Development Plan. We provide useful, results-oriented tips and/or recommend activities for attainment of development points.

What comes after a Development Center?

A Development Center is the first step towards further development. Coaching, training and workshops are essential for accomplishing the entire journey.

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