Learn, Apply, Share

Growing together

How you experience your current role as an HR consultant depends on the extent to which that resonates with your ambitions and talents. Learn, apply, share enables us to work together on giving direction to your career path and providing the right job content.

From learn to lead

At weevo hr we believe that growth comes from learning, applying new knowledge and sharing insights with others. Our organization provides the opportunity for a structured, consistent application of learn, apply, share.


You will receive and seize opportunities to acquire new skills, pursue training and push boundaries.

🌻 You’ll take ‘grownership’ in order to grow from the inside out, in your role as an HR professional. Our diverse, rich learning environment links theory to practice.


Grow by applying your HR expertise in the field.

🌻 Repetition and application are the keys to learning. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in the context of your work with customers. You’ll run test projects, give presentations and seek out challenges that match your development path.


Continue to grow as an HR professional by sharing your acquired knowledge with your colleagues and peers.

🌻 By exchanging experiences, you’ll broaden your view and have the opportunity to add fresh perspectives to your knowledge. It’s how we achieve shared growth.

We share success

Together we commit fully to the road to success. Along the way we’ll take time to celebrate both small and big wins. Because learn, apply, share leads to:

  1. More personal energy
  2. Individual and collective growth
  3. The best way to anchor knowledge

Become an HR consultant at weevo hr

HR Consultant
  • You’ll take the lead in a wide variety of hr projects
  • You’ll support our clients and give them tailored advice
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Talent Acquisition Expert
  • You’ll manage all aspects of the recruitment process
  • You’ll come up with creative ways to attract talent
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