We evolve

Growing together is growing more

The seeds of our growth story are in our

5 core values

  • 1.Inspire passion

    We set the bar high, go all the way, get results and are proud of our work.

  • 2.Make a difference

    We think outside established frameworks, embrace bold ideas and add value with a tailored approach.

  • 3.Challenge today

    We dare to challenge the status quo and inspire each other to step outside our comfort zone. We take "grownership” and responsibility for the bigger picture.

  • 4.Build together

    We invest in long-term sustainable relationships, encourage knowledge sharing and find unity in diversity.

  • 5.Keep growing

    We continuously evaluate and improve our services, processes and collaboration. We look to the future and learn with and from each other.

3 pillars: support, inspire, transform

weevo hr's commitment to helping organizations and people grow rests on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • Support

    We apply our operational and strategic HR expertise to the growth process of our clients and employees.

  • Inspire

    We share evidence-based insights that encourage new paths to growth.

  • Transform

    We facilitate the growth of our consultants, clients and partners.

These 3 complementary and distinct pillars translate into specialized HR service packages for organizations and commitment to our colleagues.

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