Assessment Center

Recruit really suitable candidates for your vacancies

  • ✔ Find the best candidates for your vacancies
  • ✔ Test candidates’ potential to grow in your organization
  • ✔ Make informed recruitment decisions
  • ✔ Save time and money and avoid mismatches
  • ✔ An assessment answers employers’ and candidates’ questions
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Benefits of the Weevo hr Assessment Center

Investment in assessment quickly pays back, because:

  • Information
    • You get more information from a customized assessment than from standard recruitment and selection procedures.
  • In the know
    • You can make an informed choice
  • Results
    • Your selection benefits from more quality, more productivity and therefore better results
  • Cost efficient
    • You avoid unnecessary costs, wasted time and frustration.
  • profitable decision
    • You make a more profitable decision.

how to find the best talent for your organization

  • 1.Tailored

    At Weevo hr, we tailor the components of the assessment to the position, the work situation and your organization’s budget.

  • 2.Relevant drivers

    Our selection process looks at all relevant drivers, including the applicant’s behavior, talents and shortfalls, intellectual and operational levels and development potential.

  • 3.Streamlined

    We always take into account the culture, norms and values of your organization.

  • 4.Experienced assessors

    Our experienced assessors guide the candidates through all the assessment exercises.

  • 5.Reports

    You receive a report with detailed analysis and advice, so you can make the right decision. Weevo hr debriefs the candidate.

Pro tip: go for successful integration

How do you translate the insights from the assessment to the workplace? Says Fyriel Souayah, Consultant @ Weevo hr : “We can support you and your new employee(s) with an integration plan, for smooth, easy onboarding. The plan functions as a basis for realizing the ambitions of newly-recruited employees.”

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