Assessment Center

Recruit really suitable candidates for your vacancies

  • Make an informed choice to select the right person for the right position
  • Assess whether the position is a good opportunity for the candidate
  • Identify the candidate’s development potential
  • Save time and money by avoiding a mismatch between company culture and position type
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Benefits of the Weevo hr Assessment Center

The assessment center provides you with an analysis of candidates’ strengths and areas for development, to help you make the right decision, guide the chosen person’s future development, or even design the position around the individual’s strengths. The assessment center procedure answers the following questions:



“As a hiring manager, am I sure of my decision?”

“If we hire this person, how should we guide him or her in the future?

“As a candidate, is this position right for me?”



The AC session After selection, Weevo can also support you in designing an integration plan to maximize the commitment of the selected candidate/new hire during this sensitive period.

Here's how we support your talent selection process

  • 1.Tailor-made work

    We work with a tailor-made approach to adapt the assessment center to the position and organizational context. Given the urgency of some recruitment processes, we can also offer a Quick Assess alternative so that the customer receives advice more quickly, with or without a report.

  • 2.Proven methodology

    Our IDP methodology integrates both situational analyses and psychometric questionnaires, so as to acquire both an in-depth knowledge of the individual and to consider his or her plasticity and potential for evolution:

  • 3.Clear recommendation

    Following the Assessment Center or Quick Assess, you receive a clear selection recommendation. If desired, you can receive a written report including the strengths and points of attention observed, the overall and detailed presentation of core competencies and the questionnaire reports.

  • 4.Feedback and integration plan

    Once the decision has been officially made, we take care of giving feedback to the candidates seen at the Assessment Center. To ensure smooth integration, Weevo hr can also support you and your new recruits with an integration plan. Such a plan represents a good basis for realizing the ambitions of the people hired and guiding their future development.

Customer testimonial :


“Weevo hr supported us with an Assessment Center in the recruitment of a director position for a European organisation. The support was responding to our specific needs. It was very swift and professional – and friendly! It helped us to get valuable insight about our candidates to inform our decision.”




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