360° feedback

Get a broader view of people's competences, talents and drives.

What is 360° feedback?

A complete picture of employee performance emerges when employees are not only able to assess their own performance and work behavior, but also receive feedback from colleagues, team members, supervisors and even customers and other partners.

We call this process 360-degree feedback in which feedback is exchanged in a circle around a ‘central person’. The employee compares his or her self-assessment with the assessment of others.

How does 360° feedback work?

weevo hr uses LEA 360° (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis). The tool measures 22 behavioral dimensions that are important for effective leadership.

LEA 360° is often used for:

  • coaching
  • individual development
  • team development
  • leadership development
  • recruitment and selection

LEA 360° delivers:

  • insight into potential bottlenecks in the area of leadership
  • insight into potential talent, for the manager
  • development tips with concrete suggestions for improving leadership qualities and competences

360° feedback is tailored to the competence level of the central person.

Opportunities and applications with 360° feedback

The insights from a 360-degree assessment can be used to:

  • reveal hidden qualities and stumbling blocks in a clear and accessible way
  • give feedback after an initial period of employment
  • make feedforward, performance and evaluation interviews less one-sided
  • initiate a learning process
  • set up baseline and result measurements for training & workshops

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