HR Outsourcing

Complete or partial outsourcing?
Outsource your HR activities to weevo hr

  • Looking for a strategic partner to take over (part of) your HR processes, while you remain at the helm?
  • Prefer to take care of core processes in which your organization can make a difference, while you entrust other crucial personnel processes to specialists?
  • Want to outsource a specific HR project to external experts with the right know-how and knowledge.

With HR Outsourcing, you get more room to focus on what really matters: the growth of your organization.

And the growth of your HR activities? That’s our focus.

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4 steps to the perfect HR Outsourcing solution

  • 1.Intake

    Considering outsourcing one or more HR processes or projects? During an exploratory meeting we’ll map out your challenges and needs. And we’ll cover your objectives and budget. So you’ll know exactly what advantages (and cost) to expect.

    plan a meeting to get acquainted
  • 2.Proposal

    We then provide you with a customized proposal to help you get the maximum return from your HR Outsourcing.

  • 3.We’ve got you covered!

    After that, we take over from you. With our flexible HR Outsourcing services, you get the ideal solution – in house, or out:

    • Outsourcing: the processes you want to outsource happen literally outside the walls of your organization.
    • Co-sourcing: the execution of certain tasks is outsourced, but close collaboration keeps you more involved than outsourcing.
    • Insourcing: you literally bring the expertise of our consultants in-house.
    • Project sourcing: you engage weevo hr on a project basis
  • 4.Focus on growth

    Our consultants take over full coordination of HR Outsourcing. As our client, you naturally retain control of this collaboration. This is coordinated via our central contact person.

Are you looking for additional (temporary) support for your HR department? Our HR support provides the operational support you need.