Talent Scan

Discover individual and collective strengths

Holistic approach to talent

Looking beyond visible behavior, the added value of the Talent Scan lies in its in-depth and qualitative approach. The scan not only looks for behavioral patterns, but also personality traits, drivers, motivation and potential. This opens up perspectives and ensures lasting growth.

You will also gain insight into:

  • energy providers and energy consumers: what increases and decreases someone’s motivation?
  • development opportunities and leadership qualities
  • learning styles: how does an individual acquire new knowledge and skills?
  • preferred style in communication, management and work culture
  • the context and circumstances in which a person will be most successful

Compartmentalisation is something we don’t do

A great advantage of the Talent Scan is that people are not placed in boxes. Your employees are recognized for their own, unique qualities. This recognition triggers engagement.

“We use the Talent Scan not only for clients, but also for our own colleagues. In this way, we track internal talent and can steer people in the right direction. It adds value in times of labor shortages and job crafting.”

Marie-Line Lebrun – Team Leader People Development

Talent Scan sessions can be tailor-made to match the needs of your organization.

From selfawareness to transformation

Growth starts with selfawareness.

Want a complete picture of someone’s performance?

Then do a 360° feedback analysis as well.

Or are you going for immediate, real transformation?

If so, invest in coaching and training.

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The Talent Scan

  • What is a Talent Scan?
    • A broad, objective investigation into an individual’s personality, motivations and talents
    • A tailor-made assessment day, using well-established methods
    • An accessible analysis with validated results
  • What does a Talent Scan measure?
    • Strengths, as well as challenges and potential shortfalls of an individual
    • Development opportunities and growth potential
    • Leadership qualities
    • Intrinsic values and behavioral patterns
    • Individual and collective talents
  • What does a Talent Scan give you and/or your organization?
    • Greater self-awareness, with increased employee engagement, productivity and performance
    • A debrief with a detailed report and concrete development tips to support the growth of employee(s) and the organization
    • Insight into talent promotes internal knowledge sharing
    • More understanding of your talent pool and of the profiles, skills and competences your organization needs

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