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Holistic approach to talent

Given the difficulties of attracting talent in the marketplace, it has never been more vital to invest in the development of the individuals within your organization. Helping your employees to become aware of their talents is an excellent way of improving their commitment and boosting their productivity. On top of this, many organizations are experiencing a rapid evolution of tasks and responsibilities, creating the need for a clearer vision of individual and collective talents. That’s why Weevo created Talent Scan, to support the growth of individuals and organizations. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Give employees a sense of recognition
  • Boost self-awareness and feedback culture within the organization
  • Tailor career paths to individual talents
  • Adapt your development programs based on a concrete needs analysis
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Here's how Weevo hr unlocks your organization's dormant potential

  • 1.Tailor-made work

    We work with a tailor-made approach to adapt the talent scan exercises to the range of talents essential to the organization. In this way, we can identify the talents of individuals globally, without restricting ourselves to a particular function.

  • 2.Proven methodology

    Our IDP methodology integrates both situational analyses and psychometric questionnaires, so as to gain both an in-depth understanding of the individual and to consider his or her plasticity and potential for development. During the talent scan, we also integrate Kolb’s learning style model to adapt development techniques to participants’ learning preferences.

  • 3.Feedback and reports

    Following the talent scan, participants receive a comprehensive feedback report, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and to think realistically about their career ambitions. This awareness, combined with the discovery of their preferred learning styles, provides a solid starting point for their development initiatives.

  • 4.Collective analysis

    When a group of employees (team, department, organization…) has passed an individual talent scan, you can draw qualitative lessons from it on a collective level. Weevo can help you adapt your development programs (L&D) to develop the skills that are essential to your organization’s future.

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“We don’t just offer Talent Scan to our customers: we also use it for our internal colleagues. This has enabled us to identify unsuspected talent, create tailor-made career paths and gain impact through development programs tailored to individual and collective needs.”



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