Application Process

From application to your first day at work, our application process consists of just 6 simple steps.

From applying to your first day at work, our application process consists only in 6 simple steps. Apply today and before you know it you’ll be in the starting blocks for your career as an HR consultant at weevo hr.

1. Fill in the application form

First things first: apply by filling out the form that appears below your favorite job(s). It takes less than 1 minute!

Is your favorite job not listed? We also warmly welcome unsolicited applications 😊.

2. Recruiter Zoé or one of her colleagues will contact you within 5 business days

As soon as you have sent the form, recruiter Zoé and her colleagues from Talent Acquisition will get to work. Your application process will be handled with great care and complete confidentiality.

Can you look back on a several years of experience in human resources, do you agree with our mission and do you have a great desire to grow? If so, the chances are high that Zoé will want to meet you! Fingers crossed! 🤞

3. Meet Zoé & get to know weevo hr

You’ve had a quick phone chat with Zoé and you felt like weevo hr could be the next step for your career? Great! Then it’s time to meet Zoé, our talent acquisition specialist, and move forward in your application process.

She will be delighted to meet you (at the office or virtually) and discover what you stand for. It is like going on a first date with weevo hr: you get to know each other, have a first overview of our values and see if there could be a potential match. If there’s a spark, let’s take it to the next step!

4. Pass the IDI & discover more about your drivers

At weevo hr, your growth journey starts with the application process. Between your first and second interview you’ll get the chance to pass the IDI (Individual Directions Inventory). The IDI is a questionnaire that assesses your core motivations and links them with your behavior. It offers you a deeper understanding of your drivers and is a great way to start your growth process. It’s also one of the steps of our Talent Scan.

5. Meet our Business Development Managers

In a subsequent interview, you’ll meet our Business Development Managers. Mutual click? Then you’ll fast-forward to starting a new job at weevo hr!

6. All on board!

Every ending is a new beginning: the end of the application process is the starting point of your career at weevo hr. During the pre-boarding and onboarding phases, the first seeds of your growth path will be planted. As a welcome gift you’ll receive a Talent Scan, so you can immediately aim your qualities and ambitions in the right direction.

Good luck with your application! 👏

Any questions about the weevo hr application process?

Contact Zoé and our colleagues at Talent Acquisition. They will be happy to help you.