Training & workshops

Tailor-made professional training & workshops

Tailor-made trainings

The professional development of your employees and teams is a personal thing. So weevo hr tailors the content of the training program to the training needs of the individuals in your organization.

Overview of possible themes

  • Management & leadership
  • Individual & collective resilience
  • Communicating with impact
  • Stress management
  • Psychological safety
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Staying focused in a hectic world
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Boosting team cohesion
  • Increasing self-awareness

From intake to intervision

weevo hr’s training courses are hands-on, interactive, based on scientific research and years of practical experience:

  • Intake: a tailor-made training course always begins with an introductory meeting about the target group, learning goals and the desired outcome. And, of course, the budget.
  • Training: after the preparatory phase, the training starts. Our training courses and workshops can take place online, offline or via a mix of the two.
  • Experimentation: once the learning process is over, it is time for the real work. The participants apply what they have learned to their (working) environment.
  • Intervision: intervision deepens the learning process and accelerates the growth of professionalism among participants.

Our trainings & workshops are:

  • Tailor-made learning paths: together we define the learning goals and draw up an appropriate training program. Moreover, we incorporate concrete, realistic situations into the program.
  • Directly applicable: what you learn at weevo hr today you can use tomorrow, in the workplace. We pay specific attention to transfer to daily practice.
  • Pushing your boundaries: learning and growing is done outside the comfort zone. The trainer challenges participants to experiment with new behavior and unfamiliar situations – all within a safe and confidential learning environment.
  • Concrete and result-oriented: our training sessions are to-the-point, focused on experience and use active learning forms as well as a combination of practical and theoretical models.
  • Focussed on developing sustainable skills: our training courses boost the skills and competences of your employees, empowering them.
  • Interactive and practice-oriented: our personal approach always works, because we understand and apply it to your practical work situation. The limited size of the groups makes our training courses extremely interactive and practice-oriented.

Weevo hr has been supporting us for several years. We are always impressed by the professionalism of their trainers. They are really open to feedback and to co-creation This allows us to adapt their trainings to the evolving needs of our (future) teachers. CEO in the non-profit sector.

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