Maximizing utilization of employee and team talent

Themes and issues

All kinds of work-related and personal topics can be covered:

  • Dealing with workload and stress
  • Learning and sharpening skills
  • Increasing self-knowlegde and self-confidence
  • Discovering and developing talents
  • Optimizing performance
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Understanding streghts and weaknesses
  • Communicating in a connecting way
  • Maintaining and rediscovering motivation

Benefits of coaching

  • Employees feel valued and motivated, because they are given room to develop
  • You strengthen the skills and competences of your workforce
  • You prepare your people for future challenges and take a leap towards greater agility in your organization
  • Your employees and teams deliver higher-quality performance
  • You bind your people to your organization and thus positively affecting sustainable employability

“Coaching employees means coaching companies. Because the benefits of coaching work both ways. Your employees and teams grow, so your organization grows.”

– Marie-Line Lebrun, weevo hr coach
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From reflection to action

An individual or group coaching process usually consists of 3 to 5 sessions. Openness, leadership and ownership characterize our sessions. Progress and results are reported at the end of the coaching process.

  • Tailor-made
    • Our experienced coaches provide a focus on results and talent, tailored to your individual employees, teams and organization.
  • Professional
    • During the coaching sessions we use a range of well-established tools and instruments (e.g. NLP, TA, systemic coaching, 16PF, IDI, LEA, LEA360°, ...).
  • Interpersonal match
    • Everything starts with a ‘click’. We select the coach that best suits the employee, organization and goals. The coach facilitates the learning and growth process.
  • Performance driven
    • We guide the coachee towards the future, set achievable goals and set him or her in motion.
  • Sustainable impact
    • The skills learned are anchored in the employee's daily work routines.

Coaching focused on results and talent

Coaching is a wonderful tool for development, leading to individual, collective and organizational growth.

The coaches at weevo hr will help your employees learn new skills, develop lasting behavioral changes and resilience and develop their strengths and personal leadership qualities.

  • 1.Individual coaching

    In individual coaching sessions at weevo hr:

    • Are fully attuned to the development requirements of your employee
    • Stimulate self-direction and self-reflection by creating self-awareness
    • Guide your employee in the search for personal strengths
    • Increase the individual’s sense of responsibility and autonomy
    • Challenge your employee to reflect on personal and professional issues
  • 2.Team coaching

    In a team coaching program, the emphasis is on teamwork:

    • Together we look for more constructive forms of communication and examine the way team members deal with each other
    • The team members go on a tour of discovery of their personal and shared talents and how they work
    • Obstructive patterns are made visible, allowing team members to return to functioning as a single, integrated entity
    • Team members exchange feedback and agree on how to tackle the future