HR Diagnostics

Focused growth from a data-driven HR policy

Grow employees and your organization in a strategic way. Eliminate guesswork with a decisive approach in which objective facts are the guiding principle. weevo hr ‘humanizes’ your data and makes it accessible.

The human side of a data-driven HR policy

HR departments process large amounts of data every day. This HR data can be used for talent management, recruitment, employee satisfaction, … The difficulty lies in the interpretation and application of this data.

Let’s put that to the test. Can you immediately answer these questions?

  1. What is the annual staff turnover in your organization?
  2. What is the performance data per employee?
  3. Which competences are most strongly present in applicants?

With accurate, verifiable data, HR professionals gain a better understanding of the people within their organization and, most importantly, how these people can help your organization thrive and grow.

The advantages of HR-analytics for your organization

✔ Quantify and optimize business processes
✔ Better decision-making and well-founded decisions
✔ Predictive value: you make predictions for the future
✔ You save time and costs by anticipating trends and patterns
✔ Better staff planning, minimal turnover and maximum retention

From HR analytics to people analytics with weevo hr

weevo hr supports your HR department in the transition to a data-driven personnel policy, in which people are central

PHASE 1 – Audit

  1. Data analysis and screening of the current situation and strategy
  2. Identifying strengths and areas for development
  3. Formulate priorities and action

📈 Do you want to commit to the next level using the insights from the analysis phase? The second (optional) phase focuses on real transformation.

PHASE 2 – Transformation

  1. Optimizing processes and performance
  2. Evaluation and continuous improvement

Inspire and transform your HR policy with HR diagnostics

The best part is without doubt the contribution that data makes to the realization of growth aspirations within the organization:

  • As an HR professional, you can determine which programs and training sessions work best for your employees and colleagues
  • The HR department takes on a strategic role in positively influencing human resources
  • You can respond quickly to symptoms of potential staff turnover
  • You recruit talent that supports the organization’s goals
  • You can optimize the motivation and involvement of employees
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